How to Prepare for Your October Barangay Assembly

Remember, Reader. That the PB is the head of the executive, the legislative, and even the judiciary in the barangay. Really powerful. His only check and balance is the BA. That’s us. We have to do our part, or we can be accused if being part of the problem than part of the solution. And our PB may just end up as a tuta to trapos.

A Win-Win Solution:   Grant Leila Bail Now, the Courts Can Take Their Time

Here is a win-win solution. The courts will continue hearing the cases, which is what the DOJ wants (what a waste of the people’s money, merely to save face). But the prosecutors (who are DOJ appointed) will now officially withdraw their objections to Leila’s request for bail. Which means Leila will be granted bail, and she can fight the cases against her from outside, not inside. What do you think, Reader?

Poverty Data: Too late to make a difference

isn’t this information about the performance of cities and mayors with respect to poverty reduction vital to a voter? If only for comparison purposes? And if the leaders of an area know that their performance with respect to this matter could make or break their chances for reelection, wouldn’t they try much harder?

A Very Powerful but Non-Performing Body

During the deliberations of the Barangay Assembly, even the lowliest in the neighborhood speaks and acts in his own right without need of representation or a spokesman. How about that for power?
So then why do we feel powerless and voiceless, and cut off from government? The answer is simple: because when the BA meets, we don’t attend.

The Furigay-Yumol Feud

What is not clear is whether there were extenuating circumstances in the Ateneo event. Is he mentally deranged, or was he temporarily insane? Or is what happened in Ateneo last Sunday the culmination of events that started with an abuse of political power and a citizen driven to despair? Or, a combination of both, did he lose his mind because of what he was undergoing?