A Very Powerful but Non-Performing Body

During the deliberations of the Barangay Assembly, even the lowliest in the neighborhood speaks and acts in his own right without need of representation or a spokesman. How about that for power?
So then why do we feel powerless and voiceless, and cut off from government? The answer is simple: because when the BA meets, we don’t attend.

First SONAs

BBM’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA) will be delivered in two days. What are we to expect?…[I]In the light of the current interest in history, and in particular BBM’s constant and admiring reference to his father’s accomplishments, I thought it would not come amiss if we reviewed Ferdinand Edralin Marcos’ (FEM) first SONA

Renaming NAIA: Historical Revisionism Gone Mad?

The efforts of the Marcos social media propaganda machine over the past 8 years to revise Philippine history, are now being pursued and expanded enthusiastically by politicians who want to brown-nose the new administration, or who have an axe to grind against the Presidents Aquino (mostly Cory), or a combination of both.