A Slap on the Face

PBBM’s appointment of Romeo Lumagui, Jr. as head of the BIR is a slap in the face of the Filipino people. It is a declaration of intent: he will act in his best interests, not in the best interests of the people, and of the country.

Justice Delayed (and Confused) – Part II

The Sandiganbayan showed Justice delayed, denied, confused, biased and wasteful. Navy Case 1: In 19 yrs., SB convicted 1 low-level Navy officer & 2 civilians, out of 45-57 original accused officers of much higher rank, many at large. Case II was for 2.5 million and after 5 years produced one guilty officer who died before having to serve an 18-year jail sentence.

Justice Delayed – Part I

[I]t took 9 years (28 minus 19) for the government to bring the case to court, and 19 years for the SB to hear and decide on it. Now that is what you call a snail’s pace. Compare this with what the Speedy Trial Act of 1998 requires…a total of 225 days by law versus 19 years in reality.

Pussyfooting Around the President

Who are the pussyfooters? Senators of the Republic. If their actions only affected themselves, there would be no problem. But other people were hurt in the process. The country was hurt in the process. Ironically, even PBBM has been hurt in the process.