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This is a work in progress.  I started this blog because my column was discontinued by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and I needed an alternative site, because I refuse to be silenced.

Lo and behold, a world of possibilities unfolded before me – social media.  And where I was deaf and dumb before to what social media offered, I, with the help of of my children since I am an online neanderthal, am now the proud (if still bewildered, but not for long) possessor of accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and this website. So, here I am, new world.

Where before I would only write once a week, I now have the opportunity to share my views and comments with you as the occasion arises.  And you have the opportunity to tell me what you think. Free speech and candid discussion are important for ideas and learning. That said, I frown on disrespectful, disruptive, and abusive speech, so I hope we can all adhere to some basic community guidelines.

What are the causes I am passionate about and will be touching upon?  Not necessarily in the order of priorities, at least 10: 1) Looking over the shoulders of our public officials, who are by the way, our public servants —both elective and appointive; 2) Empowering the people – from the barangay level up; 3) Disempowering the political dynasties;  4) Encouraging women leaders;  5) Ensuring that the wealth of our country – its natural capital (land, water, mineral) and its man-made capital (infrastructure) and its human capital – will not only be  preserved but increased;  6) Addressing the education and health crises; 7) Fighting graft and corruption at all levels;  8)Making sure agrarian reform is properly implemented;  9)Commenting on macroeconomic issues – our GDP, employment, inflation, trade and foreign exchange;  10)  Fighting for the freedom of Sen. Leila de Lima, whose 5-year incarceration represents the rule by law instead of the rule of law in the Philippines, and others unjustly treated.

If you share any of these passions, Reader, join me.  Feel free to comment, oppose, like or dislike.  For freedom of speech and of the press.  For our country and our people.  Here we go

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